The New Fast Food Pressure Cooking Cookbook is HERE

I am proud to announce that the paperback version of The New Fast Food: The Veggie Queen Pressure Cooks Whole Food Meals in Less than 30 Minutes is now available.

Those of you who read my regular email newsletter know that I have been hard at work on this for a while, and that i released the ebook version in April. Since the release of the ebook people have been inquiring about the “real” version and it’s here now. I also have a new and improved version of the ebook which you can order by clicking here. If you have an older version of the ebook and would like to have the upgrade for free, please send me an email.

You might want to know what’s inside the book so let me tell you. (I have to apologize in advance for hawking my book and the shameless self-promotion but someone’s got to do it and like a proud mother, I need to show it off.)  The New Fast Food can revolutionize your cooking because you will be cooking faster, more efficiently, with less energy and get better tasting food by cooking in a pressure cooker. The book contains 150 recipes, 138 of which are naturally gluten-free, that are all plant-based. Most of them can be prepared without oil, if that’s how you want to cook. The recipes encompass a range of dishes from breakfast through dessert, with a heavy emphasis (as likely expected) on using vegetables n a majority of dishes.

‘The chapters include information on how to use a pressure cooker, how to choose a pressure cooker, cooking charts for beans, grains and vegetables as well as recipe chapters: Grains for All Occasions, Beans and Other Luscious Legumes, Vegetable Side Dishes and Main Courses, Sensational Soups, Stew, Chili and Other Main Courses and Delectable Desserts. There is also are two appendices: one with food and pressure cooker resources and the other is a glossary of ingredients and cooking techniques. All of this ought to get more than started with pressure cooking.

As a bonus for anyone who purchases the book directly from me, I usually include a bay leaf so that you can make great tasting 5-minute vegetable stock, and an autograph, if you’d like it. The book has a special page for directly downloading the cooking chats so that you can keep them handy in your kitchen.

I feel like a proud momma once again. I hope to help people change their lives, their health and the health of the planet all at once. To order your copy of The New Fast Food: The Veggie Queen Pressure Cooks Whole Food Meals in Less than 30 Minutes, please click here now. The wonderful cover photo is by Jenna Henderson of This Little Blog. who is currently giving away a copy of the book. Watch here for me to do the same.

The New Fast Food pressure cooking cookbook


  1. ruby gustafson says

    Jill- do you have a cookbook for pressure cooking meat? I need to know what size stainless steel cooker to buy. I do not use aluminum !

  2. says

    It’s funny.  I can only find the paperback on Amazon Canada, and so I went hunting for the ebook, because I rarely buy print books anymore (I would need a house 2x my current size to hold my library! lol).

    Thanks for having an ebook version. :)

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