Want to Learn Pressure Cooking Basics?

My new pressure cooking ebook will be coming out sometime soon (hopefully before March 1st). Meanwhile my pressure cooking colleague in Italy, Ms. Laura of Hip Pressure Cooking has a beginner’s series on her website that I hope you will check out while you are patiently waiting for my ebook.

My goal is to get you successfully using your pressure cooker, and I know that Laura can do that for you. I might even have a guest spot in her series.

Just remember that the PC (pressure cooker) is PC (politically correct) again. It saves time, money and energy, both yours and the earth’s. Oh, and you get great tasting food.

If you ever have any pressure cooker questions, please feel free to email me at jill@theveggiequeen.com or check out my pressure cooking site for my DVD. I also have recipes on my mostly-abandoned blog Green Cooking in the Pressure Cooker.

I believe that the pressure cooker can help save your health and the health of the planet. Happy PC cooking.

Don’t forget to visit Hip Pressure Cooking for the beginner basics series. Tell her that The Veggie Queen sent you.


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