The Veggie Queen’s Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

I am so tired of getting emails about what I should buy that it’s tough for me to write this. I am not a very good American consumer but since some of you might be wondering what to buy for those people who love to get gifts, here is my short list of recommendations of items that I really like , along with some suggestions for where to buy them. (I don;t do an Amazon account so don’t think that I am earning money from this.) This list is in no particular order but at least it is here.

Beets Me T shirt from Katzi Designs. Jessica also makes a Beets Me apron. You might inquire with Jessica if you really want one. She may have them available.

Garlic Twist This nifty kitchen tool which I just happen to sell mincing garlic, ginger and hot peppers. The twist is made in the U.S. and is very easy to clean. Watch me in action with it by clicking here.  You can buy them on this page. Be aware that I am only shipping them out until December 20th for Christmas delivery but can send to you anytime you order.

InstantPot-LUX60-pot-300x297Instant Pot Pressure Cooker I offer a $50 discount and free shipping on the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker.  The best current model is the 6 quart but in January there will be a new 6 quart model arriving with dual pressure settings and a yogurt maker, among other features.  If you order either one just enter the  code vegqueen at checkout to get your $50  discount and free shipping off the stated prices on their site.

Lemon Squeezer I have had one of these for years. I use it for limes, too, but don’t tell anyone. If you have huge lemons like my friend and sometimes assistant Ellen does, you will want to buy an orange squeezer. You put the cut fruit in cut-side down and squeeze.

Immersion Blender 
You can buy these at any housewares store or online. My favorite has a telescoping handle and the head comes off so that it is easy to clean. Use for blending all kinds of dishes but it’s especially amazing for hot soup. You do not have to life the hot pot, just bring the blender over to the pot and let it go. DO NOT lift it up while blending or you will be sorry.

Small Food Processor If your immersion blender doesn’t have attachments, this is great  to have for chopping and blending small amounts of beans, dips, onions, garlic and more. I love mine.

Spice Grinder I would probably give up my small food processor before my inexpensive spice grinder because it grinds spices, nuts and seeds which makes my life easier and better.  They only cost $10 to $20 and you can even find them at your local pharmacy or supermarket.

Glass Jars and Storage Dishes

I am sure that I have more glass jars and storage dishes than anyone ought to have, yet sometimes there are so many in use that I just don’t have what I want. I like Pyrex or Anchor Hocking storage dishes with lids, and Ball jars for other storage and for fermenting foods.

Fermenting Supplies

My go-to source is Cultures for Health when I need an air lock or other such item. They also have amazing information and ebooks for FREE.

Sprouting Supplies

My favorite sprout company is The Sprout House. Sprout Lady Rita just wrote a book  Home Grown Sprouts that explains how to produce every sprout that you can imagine in every different type of sprouter and every way. If you take a look at her site, you will see my favorite Sproutmaster Mini Triple and it comes with seeds.  She sells my organic  seed mixes including Veggie Queen mix, Veggie Queen Sprout Salad Mix, and  Cloverly Lentily Mix.

My books and DVDs

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my own products here. You an click on this link to check them out. As I mentioned, I am only shipping until Friday, December 20th. If you do order and want books signed, please be sure to let me know.  I am happy to do it for you.


Become Active in the Food Community

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Join Food Tank as they do their food activism. Click here for more information. I am a founding member and proud of it.

Donate to Your Local Food Bank

Give food or give money but do what you can to help people who are food insecure and don’t know what their next meal will be because they don’t know where it’s coming from.

Be Generous to all You Meet: Share a Smile, Love and Joy

Wishing you the best this holiday season.
Do you have a favorite food-related gift to give or get? If so, please post below.


  1. Mike LaVigne says

    I purchased that Cuisinart blender that your post is linked to. 

    It has been terrific.

    Use it often, mostly for soups and smoothies.

    • Jill NussinowJill Nussinow says

      That is great news. I love my Cuisinart hand blender. Happy to hear that I made a recommendation that works for you Mike.

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