My First Date with the Fagor Chef Pressure Cooker

Those of you who know me and my cookbook The New Fast Food: The Veggie Queen Pressure Cooks Whole Food Meals in Less than 30 Minutes know that on page 12, I discuss my boyfriends: they are my pressure cookers. I show a photo of The Fagor Chef even though this particular pressure cooker just entered the world a short time ago (mid-May 2012).

The Fagor Chef has been waiting for me to give him a turn in my kitchen. Well, today, The Chef and I had our first date. As you know, first impressions count. The first thing I did was watch the DVD that comes in the box. That was not impressive and a bit ho-hum. Then I looked at the recipe book and still not thrilled  (but I am critical when it comes to pressure cookers and recipes which is why I wrote my own cookbook).

Last, I took a good look at The Chef. What a handsome pressure cooker it is. Here’s why I like the way that it looks:

  • It has that “sleek Euro styling” with a large handle across the top.
  • In that handle is a detachable timer. How smart is that?
  • And the handle has a clearly marked arrow to line up with the self-locking top
  • The knobs are a bit recessed so they don’t look clunky
  • It has nice body shape, straight sides and a wide bottom, wider than the standard Duo size which is 8 inches. This one might be 9 inches across.
  • The steamer basket that comes with it can also be used as a grater.
  • It comes with a glass lid so that you can use it easily as a regular pot or to keep your just cooked food warm and bring it to the table as is.
The Fagor Chef pressure cooker

The Chef Shows His Stuff

Well, enough about looks. How did The Chef behave? Like a gentleman on this first date. I cooked some greens using the smallest amount of water, about 1/4 cup, as I usually do and everything went well. It took awhile for the easy-to-see valve to pop up and the steam subsided once I turned the heat down. I did an easy quick release and ate my lunch – and thought about The Chef and his moves.

I decided that since I didn’t follow my own instructions to first boil water or make stock in the pressure cooker, that I had to give The Chef another test. I cooked one cup of Lotus Foods Mekong Flower rice. The Chef performed this task admirably. The cooker came up to pressure rather quickly and maintained pressure easily once I turned down the heat.

I noticed, though, that in both instances there was more residual water inside the lid than I care to see.

I will need to have another date with The Chef to fully test his meddle and see what he’s made of. For now, The Chef and I are just casually dating and it will likely be a while before I consider a closer relationship. I will certainly let him hang around my kitchen although he has competition. Perhaps, he likes that.

Stay tuned for more adventures of The (Fagor) Chef and The Veggie Queen.


  1. Larry says


    No offense, but I the image of you making out with a pressure cooker – or more – is not really something I would like to picture in my kitchen.

    I totally get you and your website but this post is kinda gross. A bit like erotic fiction. 8 or 9 inches? That is something I would not like to see while I’m chopping and sauteing.

  2. Tall Tom says

    Thanks for the review. My wife is going back to America soon.We have a locally made Al. pressure cooker that we use every day in Ecuador.I have been to Amazon looking at Fagor among other pressure cookers. Which cooker do you find yourself using most often?Which should I ask Kim to bring back?Most reviews are very confusing so I thought I should ask a real pro.

    • Jill Nussinow says

      Tall Tom,

      If I could choose only 1 cooker, I would actually probably buy the B/R/K set in whichever size would work for you. I love the feel of this cooker and the way that the lid attaches. It holds pressure very well.

      If I were choosing a Fagor, then I would probably get the Chef or Futuro. They both have locking lids which I like and a sleeker design than the Duo. Get the size that works for you.

      I can certainly tell you which cookers not to buy but won’t do that here. Thanks for asking.

      I might have to come visit in Ecuador. I really want to go there. I’ll let you know if it makes it onto my list for 2013.

  3. Priscilla says

    It is difficult to find many reviews for BRK. Can you compare the BRK set (9.5 diameter/7qt and 4 qt) with a Fagor (which confuse me/so many models after Fagor)? Whatever I invest in will be my 1st pressure cooker!

    I read some reviews on Fagor having issue with handle. Has anyone compared those 2 brands & how those attach?

    BRK has a bonus for limited time (few more days) with order of a BRK set, free LEquip professional stick blender.

  4. Priscilla says

    I can not find a ph # to contact Fagor and ask about their different pressure cookers. There seems to be no easy way to compare there different pressure cookers….which makes it difficult to compare theirs with the BRK pressure cooker. Favor does give a regular lid for all there pots, when buying it in a set…seems to be 1 reg. lid & 1 pressure cooker lid….where BRK offers 2 reg. lids & a pressure cooker lid, when buying it in a set.

  5. Alex says

    For Veggie Queen Re: Fagor Chef pressure cooker. I bought the 8 quart but have not tried it yet. You said there was more water left in the lid than you care to see…..what does this mean? Is is serious or dangerous?

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