Cookbook Giveaway: The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen

I “met” Levana Kirschenbaum on Twitter when I posted something about self-publishing a cookbook. She told me that she’d send me a copy of her cookbook. Her book is absolutely top notch, hard cover with color photos throughout. You cannot tell that the book is self-published.

While the book is based on Kosher cooking, there are many vegetarian and vegan recipes in it. I am thrilled to be able to offer a copy to someone who posts here as to why they’d like to win the book, and accompanying DVD.

Levana Kitshcenbaum’s Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen


  1. Jeanne Endsley says

    I would love to have this cookbook. Even though it is not vegan .. I an like you and enjoy the challenge of adapting the recipes to fit my vegan diet. Thanks for the chance to win. On a footnote…some of the non-vegan recipes i could share with family members.

  2. Stephania Ryan says

    I would absolutely love to win this cookbook. As I am not yet eating only vegan, and would be able to enjoy the non-vegan recipes as well as the vegan ones I would get much use out of it. I have recently begun my journey toward eating much healthier foods and am always in search of new recipes to try out. In addition to cooking for myself, I also cook for my 87 year old grandmother who because of health issues is a vegan and I am certain she would appreciate and enjoy the new additions to my repertoire too. I will also be sharing the recipes with my family and friends, and with a recipe swap group to which I am a member, some of whom do keep kosher so I am certian I will get much use out of this book. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this book.

  3. Edie Burns says

    I would love this cookbook because I have begun, or rather began again, to rev up my health, my outlook, my attitude, and I am grasping any information and recipes on healthy eating that I come across.

  4. says

    Of course, I’d love to win the cookbook – pick me, pick me! Regaining my health has meant fostering delight in all things vegetable, local and delicious. New cookbooks offer me savory and sweet ways of exploring healthy options for optimal health.

  5. says

    I would love to own this cookbook and especially the accompanying DVD because in August I will begin as a student teacher in Family & Consumer Science. I know that as a foods and culinary teacher I want to share a variety of media with my students, and I feel that The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen would be a lovely addition to my small but growing collection of recipe books. I want to be able to show my students that there are many different ways to eat, and that healthy eating is part of every person’s life regardless of their background.

  6. deborah jacob says

    So nice to see a Kosher cookbook that is health and hopefully plant based oriented. I would love to add this to not just my collection but for my Jewish family and friends who are eager to have healthy meals. One particular friend who is Kosher,and just diagnosed with lung cancer…perhaps this will brighten his days and refocus his diet to live a longer healthier life. Thanks for this opportunity.

  7. says

    I would LOVE to win this book!! We’ve just switched over to a vegetarian diet and I feel like I’m still struggling to wade through all the recipes on the web to find ones that are tried and true. I’m not giving up, though. I am determined to feed my family a plant based diet and with meals I can feel good about! I think this cook book would be just what I need to help us focus our meals around whole foods and a cleaner way of eating.

  8. says

    Hi y’all! So heartwarming to see all your nice comments. The whole book is devoted heart and soul to Whole Foods, including the meat, poultry and fish dishes. You don’t have to be Kosher-observant or even Jewish to enjoy those dishes as well! Thank you so much Jill for all your support. I’ll be happy for the winner, and I recommend to all “losers” to get the book! Its well worth it, if I say so myself! Happy healthy cooking and eating!

  9. says

    I’ve been married for almost 9 years and am just learning now, how to cook! I I try to make e/t from scratch and just don’t know how to do it all! Having that cookbook would be such a help!!!

  10. Susan says

    We have started eating more whole foods for allergy and other health reasons, so having a master chef’s recipes would be great!

  11. Joan says

    In my work as a registered dietitian/Certified Diabetes Educator, I promote the benefits of vegetables for good health and weight management. I am always looking for easy, tasty recipes to share with my patients, friends, and family too. I’d love a copy of this book to share the wealth!

  12. Steve says

    Turning ones self into a vegetarian is no easy task [can you say un-conditioning] since watching the documentary Forks over Knives. This film has opened my eyes [as well as the many people that it is shared with] to what I [we all] have ignored for so long. The foods [most] on the shelves today are merely process dense foods with the nutrients taken out during the “production” of these [so called foods] and then the nutrients “injected” back into them [bleached/enriched flour is just one of many].
    I have awaken to a new, healthy, nutrient rich eating routine that my body thanks me for on a daily basis. I’ve started with a few books on my shelf and from the library. I know that others will benefit from receiving this book since this wealth of knowledge received is shared every time there are people over in my house. This book would not be received by only one, but by many through the my activism throughout South Florida with No GMO groups, the Annie Appleseed Project, as well as Healing Touch Buddies. Your time reading this post is greatly appreciated.

  13. says

    I would love to win this book because even though I’m not exclusively a vegetarian, most of my meals are. Plus, I never cook meat at home, so family has adjusted to the lack of meat coming from me. I’m doing as much as I can to use local, fresh, whole foods, and every cookbook that caters to that (because so many don’t!) is one I need in my home.

  14. Kristen N. says

    I would love to win this book because I am a new vegan and I’m trying to find recipes to prepare. I would greatly appreciate this because I am also moving, so I would love to have a good cookbook before I leave.

  15. Teslaca says

    I have a few kosher cookbooks, but many of the recipes use refined foods and unhealthy amounts of sugar or fat. It would be wonderful to have recipes that use healthier ingredients and still taste wonderful. Thanks for a chance to win! Looks like a stellar cookbook.

  16. Candace says

    As a proud vegan I would love this! P.S its my Birthday tomorrow, what a nice present it would be. Peace and Light

  17. Anna Simpson says

    I would love to have this book because if your transitioning to Vegan from Kosher NON vegan and still want the religious aspect involved this book would be a great way to do it.

  18. Laurie Richards says

    My family had a life changing event two years ago… My husband had a heart attack at 40 years old. He ended up having quintuple bypasss. We have two healthy beautiful girls, ages 10 and 14, who now begin the journey of eating clean and healthy. As the mama, I am in charge of how to teach them how to keep their hearts healthy :) I would love to add this to my knowledge of healthy eating!

  19. Jenny Sharke-Fish says

    Would love to win! Working on going alkaline and anti-inflamatory – this would be perfect to add to the knowledge and support :)

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