Pressure Cooker Steel Cut Oats

Over at Pinch My Salt people are going ga ga over steel cut oats. And they have to cook them for at least 25 minutes.

I, too, like steel cut oats and in fact Alex of the Facebook group Lorna Sass is my homegirl reviewed my DVD and saw that I have a recipe for a cooked cereal. He asked about cooking steel cut oats. And the recipe for that is the same as any chunky grain cereal.


Take 3 cups of liquid — I like to use 2 cups water and 1 cup nondairy milk. I add a cinnamon stick or two, the oats or other grain, and a pinch of salt. I lock the lid on my pressure cooker and bring to high pressure over high heat. I set my timer for 3 minutes. When the cooker gets to high heat, turn the heat down and get your timer going.


After 3 minutes, move the pot off the hot burner and let the pressure come down naturally. Open the lid carefully, taste to be sure that the oats are to your liking, and then add what you like. (If the oats need more time, you can either simmer them on the stove top or let them sit in the cooker with the lid on but not on the heat for a few minutes. Next time, cook them for 4 or 5 minutes.)
I like to take out the cinnamon sticks, and add ground flax, raisins, chopped up apple, toasted walnuts or sunflower seeds, and a bit of agave or maple syrup for sweetener. It’s a filling meal.
Remember that whole grains (or even steel cut ones) are good for you. If you don’t want to make your own and dole it out for daily dishes which is a great idea, you can go to Jamba Juice where they are now selling organic steel cut oats. Unfortunately for me, they cook them in milk but at least they have them. Read more here.
I think that Starbuck’s now has oatmeal, too, but for me, I will make a batch at home and eat them on  a regular basis. I make enough for a few days and then reheat them. Someone else I know freezes them in bowl-size chunks. In any case, steel cut oats are good for your heart and soul.


  1. says

    Hi Jill – thanks for stopping by my blog, Simply Eating! I believe the food we eat should taste good, nourish our body, and protect our health. And to meet the demands of modern families – it needs to quick and convenient. Steel cut oats fit the bill! I don’t have a pressure cooker – will have to consider getting one now.!

  2. says

    I’ve used 1 cup of Bob’s Red Mill whole grain steel cut oats with this recipe and it turned out just right. I usually double the recipe and get a week’s worth of breakfast made at once. I’ll add the fruit and spices to the cooked oats each morning and nuke for 2 minutes at 70% power.

  3. Jim Bob says

    I bought some Michigan Apples, walnuts, dried cranberries. I have never cooked whole raw apples before, but i’m adding them in with some cinnamon. This will be my first time making the steel cut oats in the pressure cooker. Maybe ill take some pics and blog it.

  4. Judy B says

    would this recipe be the same for cereals like 5 or 7 grain mixtures. proably pretty basic, however I am new to both healthy foods and pressure cooking. 57 years of learning only BAD habits!! 😀

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